chor. com: 2.200 congress participants mark turnaround in the music scene
Neue Musik Newspaper
17. 09. 2017

The lives from the idea of networking: Ensembles and lecturers such as the Dresdner Kammerchor, Hans-Christoph Rademann, the ChorWerk Ruhr, Florian Helgath, the Calmus Ensemble and Postyr not only gave master classes and workshops, but also presented what they had learned in concert in the evening. (…)
Within the framework of chor. com, the winners of the composition competition for the Reformation jubilee "Verleih uns Frieden" were also announced. 45 composers had set themselves the task of writing contemporary three- to four-part choral works for young people and young adults. The first prize went to Dijana Bošković, Gregor Simon and Peter Helmut Lang were happy about the second and third prize. A prize for children's choir was awarded to the composer Rucsandra Popescu. A total of 3,000 euros in prize money was awarded by a five-member jury. The competition is sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Reverence, comparison and looks elsewhere - Ensemble Plus, Richard Dünser and Dijana Bošković offered a fulfilling concert evening.
Cultural Journal. at 15. 02. 2014 |
by Silvia Thurner

The concert "New Music in Dialogue" on Valentine's Day in the Dornbirner Funkhaus was an inspiring event. The Ensemble Plus performed works by Richard Dünser and, in addition, a duet by Dijana Bošković based on Yugoslavian folk tunes was presented. Each interpretation of the work worked through its individual qualities, and the musicians played at an impressively high level under the direction of Richard Dünser....

Southern neighbours
This performance provided a good transition to the music of Dijana Bošković, the suite to folk melodies from Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. Doren Didlinger and Jessica Kuhn interpreted the technically demanding composition for violin and cello with virtuosity and the necessary lightness. Thus the flow of energy and the communicative character of the work were fully expressed. The typical modal melodies and the strongly percussive part animated the music. She also got an energetic touch from the cheers of the two musicians.
The likeable composer Dijana Bošković told Bettina Barnay about her way of composing and enriched the concert evening with her music.

Full female power
Neue Musikzeitung Dec. 2011
CultMagazine for Art and Culture January 2012
by Andrea Lässig

...New horizons in dealing with contemporary music could also be opened up by Dijana Boškovićs World premiere of "No Tinitus" for piano and singing bowls. More than 20 precisely intoned singing bowls, provided by the Obertonhaus in Munich, made the composer and the musician Georg Müller sound. Miku Nishimoto-Neubert expressively staged the supporting and demanding piano part.

An extraordinary work that the composer explains: "One hears music, noises, sounds primarily with the external sense of hearing. But there are sounds and noises that can also be perceived internally. (...) I searched a long time for appropriate instruments to express these inner sounds and moods - until I accidentally became aware of the singing bowls. I use this instrument together with the piano, in constant alternation between external and internal reality. This change also forces the longing to linger in our inner centre...

Dijana Bošković Concerto for Strings
world premiere on 11.10.2009 BEMUS, International Music Festival in Belgrade
Press commentaries:

Magazine Today (Danas)
Belgrade 12.10.2009
by Zorica Kojic (translation)

...soloists from St. Petersburg interpreted with passionate fire the composition "Concerto for Strings" by Dijana Bošković, a work with unbridled temperament, vital power and a broad spectrum of tonal fascinations. Such valuable and creative substance has taken the whole, somewhat conservative interpretation of the ensemble to completely new dimensions.

Magazine Dnevnik (daily newspaper), Novi Sad on 12.10.2009 by Marija Adamov (translation)

...the highlight of the program took place at the end of the first part of the evening, in the revived category "Commissioned Composition of the BEMUS Festival", the world premiere "Concerto for Strings" by Dijana Bošković. The composition - with a finely structured and successful form and high quality, inspired by folkloristic playing techniques and Russian string school - transformed the somewhat dusty interpretation of the ensemble into a musical firework. A series of strong contrasts and unusual, fascinating sounds inspired the audience. The combination of reliable knowledge of the body of sound and creative application of compositional techniques created an artistic result that will certainly have an impact.